My name is Natan Rutstein, and I run a IT Support company which deals with many of my 400 plus clients day to day, weekly or monthly IT needs and concerns.

Working in the computer industry requires a great deal of experience. Installing new systems, repairing/upgrading older system and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our successful business. We look forward to handling all of your computer needs.
Prior to starting my company I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC which later became PwC Consulting and then this was bought by IBM, so I eventually worked for IBM.  My role was that of a Test Manager.  I began my IT career over 30 years ago as a Computer Programmer and transitioned over to being a Program Tester and eventually a Test Manager.
Along the way I was interested in fixing computers and eventually I started receiving so many calls asking me for help, that I left the corporate world and began my IT Support business.
Ring us now for some advice or the next time you need assistance that is both knowledgeable and genuine.
System slowing down, think you have a virus, need a PC to do more than it currently does?
Call us on 0414-405007

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