Dealing With Tel-Co’s

A few weeks ago, I was called into a business who’s owner was complaining about network issues and a few other issues.  OK so I went around to do an audit of the setup and make a recommendation.  The first thing I noticed was that the Modem which was being used (Provided by the Tel-co) was very old. It was using the B and G WiFi Radio Spectrum/protocol 802.11.  For those in the know, the current Spectrum is AC.  Between G and AC there was N.  The Modem was capable of a 54Mbit/s speed on the G protocol. A number of devices in the business could see the WiFi SSID or Signal Name but could not connect even though they knew the password.  So we decided, at the very least to upgrade the modem.

The new modem arrived a week later shipped to client by the Tel-Co.  I did request they send out a current Modem which hopefully would also be a Dual band AC Modem. (2.4ghz and 5 ghz)  No such luck, a single band modem was sent.  Anyway, I configured the modem then all the devices in the business could connect, however, there were constant dropouts of the service and the line rate reported in the modem was very low.  8000 kbps.  I called Tech Support and spoke with a very aggressive engineer.  Eventually, after doing Isolation tests etc, we finally got the line rate up to 11999kbps and the connection was no longer dropping out. This took an hour.  So far so good.

One Day later, business is not getting phone calls in on the same line that the modem was on.  I was then called and spent the better part of my day trying to understand what the issue was.  When talking to my client and Tech support on a conference call, they said that for the phone issue to be fixed, the business had to switch to the NBN.  Really?  I asked, when the NBN was initially available in the area, and I was told that I had to speak with customer service, but that would be a 45 minute wait.  They offered to call me back in an hour to prevent me from having to wait on the phone.  No Problem!!

An hour later, no call received.  2 Hours later, no call received.  I went online to have a online chat with support.  This is how that went.  I was chatting with Harper K

You • 02:53 PM Harper, can you tell me when “The Shop Address”, Double Bay 2028 had the NBN available from.

Harper K • 02:53 PM Sure

Harper K • 02:53 PM Allow me a minute here

You • 02:54 PM ok

Harper K • 02:54 PM I see that NBN is serviceable at “The Shop Address” DOUBLE BAY NSW 2028

You • 02:55 PM I know that it is now available, but how long ago was it available. I know we have around 18 months to make the switch, so how much longer before time runs out? (The 18 months)

Harper K • 02:56 PM There is no time limit it will be available full time

You • 02:57 PM Everywhere I look, I am told that you have to make the switch within 18 months of the NBN being available.
Harper K • 02:58 PM Let me check
Harper K • 03:02 PM Sorry we can not assure that before itself Sometimes it will available sometimes it might lost, we don’t have option to check that here
You • 03:04 PM For the above address, what is the latest that we can make the switch to the NBN before we are cut off
Harper K 3:05PM  The NBN is available at the above address.You 3:06PM I currently have ADSL2+ at the address and I know that the NBN is available also, but from when was it available?

Harper K 3:07PM  The NBN is available at the above address.

You 3:07PM  What date did the NBN become available?

Harper K 3:08PM  The NBN is available at the above address.


You 3:09PM.  Do you understand what I am asking you?  Don’t tell me it is available. Tell me when is was first available.

Harper K: 3:10PM.  An email was sent to the customer when the NBN became available.

You 3:11PM  When was the email sent?
Harper K 3:12PM  When the NBN became available at the above address.

Right now I felt I was in the twilight zone

You 3:13PM Can you tell me when that was, so I know how long before current services (ADSL) are cut off.

Harper K 3:15PM  Wait a Moment

Harper K 3:17PM  Be right with you

Harper K 3:19PM  1 Minute please

You 3:20PM I’m waiting.  This is a long minute.

Harper K 3:21PM  90 days from when the email went out.

At the same time I am calling the customer who has looked through their emails and cant find any related to the NBN.

You 3:22PM So I don’t know when this email was received, if it was received at all, no followup emails were sent, so possibly the deadline has arrived and we don’t know about it.

At this point I gave up.  Beaten and bruised.

So I called Customer service again.  This time I explained the situation to level 1 support or level zero.  They passed me onto a higher level support.  After explaining the situation again, I was then asked for the customer name and date of birth which I provided, but now for the first time, I also need to provide a 4 digit Pin????  No other time do I need a pin.  Called customer.  They don’t have a pin.  DEAD END!!!  Won’t speak to me.

The next day, phone service is back but now no internet.  WHAT THE!!!  Have they fixed the phone but broken the internet.  What progress…NOT!!.  DSL LIGHT ON MODEM KEEPS FLASHING.

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