Donating Computer equipment to the Bayside Woman’s Shelter

2 years ago I was told about a request for computer equipment for the Bayside Woman’s Shelter.

I contacted the local Councillor Councillor Christina Curry and asked what they needed. Once I had an idea, I put together a complete system, including Desktop, Monitor, Speakers, Webcam, keyboard, Mouse. I then arrange from Christina to come and collect the equipment as privacy of the shelter location was important.

A few weeks ago, I contacted Christina again asking they they had a need for any more equipment. This time she requested that a laptop for the children to use would be a great addition. I checked what equipment I had and found a Toshiba 15.6″ laptop. I upgraded it to use a high speed SSD drive and doubled the Memory/RAM to 8gig. Once the laptop was up and running, I added some safe kids games, a few different web browsers, an Antivirus program, and Libra Office to do word processing.

I then detected that the keyboard had some issues where certain keys had to be pressed a number of times before it registered the keystroke. I contacted a colleague of mine, Amit who runs his own business called Laptop Rescue in Mascot. I told Amit what I planned to do with the laptop, and he ordered a replacement keyboard and installed it for me at no cost. Thank you Amit.

Last night Christina came over and I handed over the Laptop to her. I hope the kids get great use of the laptop. better than going to eWaste.

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