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Tony Hanly – M.D. Australian Business Edge – 9th November 2017

“I recently was forced to update my Dell i7 laptop which was performing very slowly and I felt it was destined for the scrapheap. In speaking to Natan at Making IT Right, he recommended I replace the hard disk drive with an SSD drive  to improve performance. I now have a PC which is smoking hot – speed from start up and also loading applications is 9-10 times faster than before. Natan made the whole process effortless – he visited my office, discussed my needs, then took the PC offsite to completely backup everything, install the new drive and test. I was back at work more productive than ever within no time at all and I am so impressed with the outcome. Natan hand-delivered the PC to my door, I pressed the on button and I now have the best smile on my face. Making IT Right delivered way beyond my expectations – door-to-door-service, immediate attention, hassle-free with the result that my PC is far better than when I first bought it. I will use Making IT Right for my future needs and recommend them highly to others.”
Tony Hanly
Managing Director
Australian Business Edge 


Larry Narunsky Technical Director Convergent Water Controls Pty Ltd NSW VIC QLD 9-10-2017

Recently I engaged the services of Making IT Right to solve some networking, printing and WiFi speed settings in my home office/network.  I had already discussed the issues with my company’s IT manager who could not offer a solution.  Hence, I asked Natan from Making IT Right to assist.  I must admit that I was almost convinced that the printing issues would not be able to be resolved.  I am an Electronics Engineer myself and had tried a host of potential solutions, but with no positive result.  When Natan solved the printing issues, I was literally amazed.  Furthermore, I had banked on spending a substantial amount on upgrading my WiFi hardware nodes in my house, but Natan figured out a setting change in the WiFi network which literally increased the speed fourfold.  I would not hesitate in recommending Natan and MakingITRight for any of your IT, computer, Network, laptop, tablet or training requirements. Now my wife is not nagging me as much

Ruth Moalem

Mr Rutstein is very very knowledgeable and completely reliable, I have been dealing with him for 10 years.  Has never failed to solve a problem in the minimum of time and has always been reachable when needed in a crisis. Most highly respected.

2 June 2016

Marla David Bozic

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Business Mentor

Making IT Right has always been professional, on time and had great results. Nothing is ever too hard for Natan. He has fixed any problem I have ever had on my computers. And Natan also provided great advice when I was shopping for a new computer. I recommend Natan without hesitation.

February 22, 2011