Tony Hanly – M.D. Australian Business Edge – 9th November 2017

“I recently was forced to update my Dell i7 laptop which was performing very slowly and I felt it was destined for the scrapheap. In speaking to Natan at Making IT Right, he recommended I replace the hard disk drive with an SSD drive  to improve performance. I now have a PC which is smoking hot – speed from start up and also loading applications is 9-10 times faster than before. Natan made the whole process effortless – he visited my office, discussed my needs, then took the PC offsite to completely backup everything, install the new drive and test. I was back at work more productive than ever within no time at all and I am so impressed with the outcome. Natan hand-delivered the PC to my door, I pressed the on button and I now have the best smile on my face. Making IT Right delivered way beyond my expectations – door-to-door-service, immediate attention, hassle-free with the result that my PC is far better than when I first bought it. I will use Making IT Right for my future needs and recommend them highly to others.”
Tony Hanly
Managing Director
Australian Business Edge