Larry Narunsky Technical Director Convergent Water Controls Pty Ltd NSW VIC QLD 9-10-2017

Recently I engaged the services of Making IT Right to solve some networking, printing and WiFi speed settings in my home office/network.  I had already discussed the issues with my company’s IT manager who could not offer a solution.  Hence, I asked Natan from Making IT Right to assist.  I must admit that I was almost convinced that the printing issues would not be able to be resolved.  I am an Electronics Engineer myself and had tried a host of potential solutions, but with no positive result.  When Natan solved the printing issues, I was literally amazed.  Furthermore, I had banked on spending a substantial amount on upgrading my WiFi hardware nodes in my house, but Natan figured out a setting change in the WiFi network which literally increased the speed fourfold.  I would not hesitate in recommending Natan and MakingITRight for any of your IT, computer, Network, laptop, tablet or training requirements. Now my wife is not nagging me as much