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Windows 10 “Spring Creator” Update 1803?

I read an article in PC & Tech Authority which reports that the latest planned Windows 10 1803 update is being blocked by a serious Bug “Blocking Bug” that Microsoft developers are trying to resolve.

It was due to arrive as part of the April 10th Tuesday patch, but this has caused a delay of what might be a few weeks.

Make sure your current system is backed up before the planned update is rolled out. This will allow you to have a roll back position should something go wrong with the update. I am sure like other roll-outs, there will be a 30 day period where you can roll back to the earlier version of windows 10. Not everyone will get the update initially as it will be released in phases.

Some notes from the website

  • Fluent Design reveal effects have been softened
  • Fluent Design Acrylic and Reveal effects are now showcased in more areas of the Shell.
  • The Start menu now features Fluent Design “reveal” effects in tiles and the apps list.
  • The “clear all”, “expand”, “collapse” and “see more” text in the Action Center now uses your chosen accent color.
  • You can now use a two finger swipe gesture to dismiss all notifications in the Action Center.
  • Windows will now show you your personalized lock screen when selecting your account on the login page.
  • The Calendar fly-out on the taskbar now features reveal effects.
  • Contacts pinned to the taskbar now show a list of connected apps rather than tiles.
  • The Taskbar now features the Acrylic blur effect.
  • Action Center notifications now feature Fluent Design reveal effects.
  • The “clear all” text in Action Center now says “clear all notifications” instead.
  • Nearby Share is now present in the Share UI and lets you share content between nearby devices.
  • Right-clicking a live tile will give you the option of jumping straight into that apps Settings.
  • Task View now includes Timeline that allows you to go back and resume apps you had open in the past up to 30 days.
  • Virtual Desktops has moved to the top of the Task View UI.
  • Fluent Design effects will be disabled when in battery saver mode.
  • The My People Hub now features Reveal and Acrylic effects.
  • You can now drag to reposition contacts pinned to the Taskbar.
  • You can now drag contacts between the Taskbar and the My People Hub.
  • Quiet Hours has been renamed to Focus Assist and has been updated with new features.
  • Documents and Pictures are now listed in the Start menu hamburger menu by default.
  • On devices with Windows Hello support, users can now setup Hello directly from the login screen.
  • The Xbox Gamebar has been updated with a new Fluent design UI.
  • Users on Windows 10 S can now use the Microsoft Authenticator app to log in to their PC.
    Eye Control has been updated with more functions in the eyebar.

Windows 10 Updates

Recently Windows 10 released its new update called the Anniversary Update version 1607. The previous version was 1511. What does this version offer?

Take a look at these articles for a detailed listing.

  1. Cortana has become smarter. This is like Windows version of Siri
  2. There are more Apps
  3. You can interact with android and windows phones
  4. More themes
  5. Microsoft Edge (new windows 10 browser) supports extensions
  6. Fingerprint Authentication with Windows Hello and unlock PC with companion devices
  7. Start menu redesigned

There are many more features.

If you are running windows 10 and don’t know what version you are running then

Hold down the windows key and press the R key and in the entry field type winver and press enter.  This should show you the windows version you are running.

Windows 10 Start Menu windows-10-menu and the Anniversary Menu looks like windows-10-anniversary-menu


The update itself is around 3.5gig in size so unless you have a fast internet connection, this will take a while.