Telstra Business- Digital Office Technology (DOT) Department – New Modem Request

Wow. what a drama this has been.  Last week Tuesday the 17th of January 2017, I went to a customer who has a DOT ADSL service to his home.  I was delivering a new laptop for him.  I expected to be able to connect to his Telstra Netgear modem via WiFi.  Well I saw the SSID (signal Name) and new the password and tried connecting.  NO LUCK.  I tried connecting to the modem using my iPhone, again no luck.

Rebooted modem a few times, still no luck.

All the setup work on the laptop pre-delivery was done in my office via WiFi, so I knew the laptop WiFi worked.  I could connect the laptop to my iPhone using my personal hotspot.

I removed all security from the modem WiFi to see if would connect.  No connection permitted.  I simplified the security password.  Again no luck.

At this point the felt that the modem was the issue, so I called Telstra support 132000 to get some advice on what to do.  They suggested everything that I had already tried.

Well after 45minutes to an hour, after speaking initially with Tech support and then to billing to get a new modem ordered, they asked that I stay on the line to make sure that the Modem order was correct and that it would go through.  $20/month for 24 months for the new 7610 Modem, or $480 one off payment.

3-5 business days I am told  OK!!  I get sent a callback link/SMS to my phone from billing, should I need to contact them directly.  These links can only be used once.

I then arranged to return this week (today) to install the newly ordered modem.  Surely this would be enough time.

I received a call from my customer yesterday 23-1-2017 to say that the modem had still not arrived, so I used my call back link to get in touch with Telstra again.  I spoke again to billing, who informed me that the order was rejected by the warehouse because it was incomplete.  They bounced the request back to billing who failed to respond to the return email.  So nothing was ordered.


I was then told last night that they are so sorry, and would put through an urgent request to get the modem out ASAP and look to compensate my client for their stuff up.  I was told by the current billing contact to contact her directly using the link she would send me.  I got one of these SMS message last week, so I foolishly though I would receive it again.  My bad.  I hung up before receiving the SMS.  I got no message at all.

Today I called again, but this time was forced to call the 132000 number again, no shortcuts via a SMS link.

After a lengthy wait I again got through to billing who since I did not connect with them using a SMS link, needed to speak to my customer to get authorization.  That was a drama to get again.  I was not onsite this time.

When they managed to get authorization again from my client, they tell me that the order was not place last night.  WHY NOT!!  I am spewing at this point.

Again they said they will place the order and again it will take around 5 days to process and get shipped.  I was sent a one time link SMS, from billing but was also asked, “do you want to stay on the line while we process the order or shall we call you back?”.  HMMM!!  Each time I get asked to stay and wait on the line for 2-3 minutes the clock actually shows more like 20-20 minutes.

I said she could call me back rather than me wait for her call.  I have other work to do.

Well 45 minutes now as I am writing this, and still no call back.  4:45pm now.  Finished call at around 4pm.

Where has customer service gone.  Overseas I expect.

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