Sonos Wireless Sound System

sonos  Note the name allows the system to be inverted and still read correctly.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who was in his late 70’s/early 80’s.  He had an existing LG Soundbar and woofer connected to his TV but was unable to get the sound quality he needed to be able to hear the dialogue from the TV.

I did some research on what options were available and finally suggested he try the Sonos sound system.

He went into the stores (Bing Lee/JB Hifi/ Harvey Norman) and tested out a few that I had mentioned (Bose/Samsung/Sonos/B&O) etc and agreed that the best sound appeared to come from the Sonos system.

So he agreed to purchase the soundbar  sonos-playbarand two Play 1 sonos-play-1speakers.

We the initial installation went OK and appeared to go without a hitch with the playbar connecting to the TV via a Optical Cable optical-cable.

The two play 1 speakers were connected as a stereo pair and then grouped with the Playbar to get the TV sound playing out of all three speakers.

The sonos App had to be installed on his iPad mini which acted as a controller and allowed the volume of the Playbar and the Play 1 Pair to be controlled together or separately.  It also allowed the existing TV remote to control the volume.

After having resolved a few issues with setup using Sonos support, I was called back by the customer a few hours later when the play 1 speakers were no longer getting sound, only the playbar had sound.

I chased this issue down with the Sonos Rep who was very helpful.  He told me about a previously unmentioned setting in Sonos which if selected (DEFAULT), will un-group the speakers when the TV s turned off.  Support had not mentioned this feature nor was it in any manual?  Go figure!!

I changed this setting and the connection grouping was retained even when the TV was turned off.

The home where this system was installed was using a Asus Wifi ADSL 2+ Modem Router.  This appears to be less stable than using a Sonos Bridge suggested by Harvey Norman Sales Rep.

This was the cheapest component at under $100  sonos-bridge  Currently, all Sonos speakers communicate via the SonosNet peer-to-peer mesh network, which must be connected directly to a router via the Bridge device. The firmware update will work with all existing Sonos products, but there are a few limitations to the new “wire free” Sonos setup.

The bridge connected to the Modem via a Ethernet cable and the sonos system then talked to the bridge.  Things appeared to be stable for a few months but now again the Play 1 Speakers are having issues.  The sound appears to alternating between the the left and right speakers.

According to Sonos rep, this is probably caused by wifi interference.  They have suggested calling their Melbourne Support line and seeing what they can do or suggest.

Wifi interference can the the modem itself, or even a new wifi signal being turned on nearby(Nearby Apartment) generating a interfering signal, or a cordless phone which also has wifi.

Let me know if you need help with purchasing and implementing a SONOS system.

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