Windows 10 Updates

Recently Windows 10 released its new update called the Anniversary Update version 1607. The previous version was 1511. What does this version offer?

Take a look at these articles for a detailed listing.

  1. Cortana has become smarter. This is like Windows version of Siri
  2. There are more Apps
  3. You can interact with android and windows phones
  4. More themes
  5. Microsoft Edge (new windows 10 browser) supports extensions
  6. Fingerprint Authentication with Windows Hello and unlock PC with companion devices
  7. Start menu redesigned

There are many more features.

If you are running windows 10 and don’t know what version you are running then

Hold down the windows key and press the R key and in the entry field type winver and press enter.  This should show you the windows version you are running.

Windows 10 Start Menu windows-10-menu and the Anniversary Menu looks like windows-10-anniversary-menu


The update itself is around 3.5gig in size so unless you have a fast internet connection, this will take a while.

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