Telstra Outages

Yesterday I went to a client who had another outage from their cable service provider.  Telstra.  A great deal of their work is done online and when the service is running, the speed is great.  This weeks outage started  28 July and was reported to be down until Thursday evening 4 August 2016!!

Currently reporting to be back around 7pm.  See image below for the 2030 post code.

How can a businesses continue to operate with this happening on a regular basis.

They have resorted to using a Telstra wifi dongle which both their office computers can connect to.  This is a very expensive way of remaining connected to the Internet to do business.  $50 for 5 gig for 365 days. This also impacts the rest of the family.  School homework done via the Internet, submitting homework, doing research and of course all the must have social media activity (Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, whatsapp, email etc etc etc.)

Chasing Telstra is a very frustrating activity and most often does not result in a timely solution.  You just have to wait for them to take action while in the interim rack up huge costs and stress!!

All if not most roads lead to Telstra so you don’t have many choices.  Some ISP’s have great support while others have better speed.  What do you choose?

Exeter I am told have great customer service but iinet have better speed. Internode used to be top of the pile for customer service but much to my dismay, this is no longer the case.  

I used to be with internode for over 9 years and had no issues.  Support was great.  When I relocated 5 years ago, I was forced to change my ISP. I went with TPG.  Yes not always the greatest, but good enough.  Unlimited download plan, bundled with my home phone and unlimited cams to landlines and mobiles for $69.99.  My speed on a good day is around 11-13mbps which is ok.

Tell me what you are experiencing at the moment and who your internet service is through.

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