Cryptolocker or Torrentlocker Virus

I spent an hour today 7-7-2016, participating in a Webinar from Trend Micro, discussing the treat from Torrentlocker and the like.  Australia is being hit particularly hard with these viruses.  They come in the form of an email purporting to be from AGL, Australia Post, Australian Federal Police and a few other.

Virus Emails

Do not follow the instructions in the email to enter a CAPTCHA code to download something.

From Trend Micro

If you are a Trend Micro customer:

  • Make sure web reputation is on
  • Must have IP reputation on at least QIL level 2

At the present we have seen 70 compromised websites redirecting traffic to the TorrentLocker landing page:


They are using landing pages such as:

We advise IT Managers:

  • Put such landing pages into firewalls for protection of other servers / devices
    (noting that they will rotate through multiple landing pages). They have changed tactics – and now the landing page is delivering malicious JavaScript rather than using a public download site.

We advise users:

Not to enter Captcha codes to any energy / bill related websites.



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