Internet Speed

Internet Speed

Is your internet Speed not fast enough? 

Everyone complaining in the home or office?  You can get an indication of your speed by going to website where you can Test your internet download and upload speed.  Once the website comes up, click the Begin Test button.

The image above shows a relatively slow internet speed for ADSL2+  How do you interpret the numbers?

The Ping number must be a low as possible. This represents how long in milliseconds it takes for a signal to leave your computer and then return.  The quicker the better.(Low Ping is shorter time)

The Download Mbps.  This must be as high as possible.  Depending on the service you are signed up with ADSL or Cable, these numbers will vary greatly.  These numbers may change from one minute to the next depending on a number of things.

  • There could be a line fault
  • There could be a faulty modem
  • The modem may require a “Power Cycle” – Turn off wait 30 seconds and then turn on again
  • Congestion on the line at the moment of the test
  • Are you testing via a WiFi connection or are you connected with a cable.

Internet speed is not always determined by your connection speed, but also by the computers/Servers you are connecting to and their speed.  If they are very slow or congested, then you will be impacted by this.

The Upload Mbps is normally slower (0.85 Mbps) than the download unless you have a upmarket plan which provides high upload connectivity.  Uploads are things like sending emails or uploading files or using services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc.  When uploading occurs this will also impact the download speed, so if you have a lot of data to upload, try do it out of normal working hours as this will impact the regular use of the internet.

ADSL2+ theoretical top download speed is 20 Mbps and the best I have seen is around 17.8

Standard Cable Services can get around 35 Mbps download and around 2-2.5Mbps upload.  This is obtainable from Telstra or Optus and they provide the modems.

Elite Cable services from both Telstra and Optus offer a higher speed service which gets close to the 100 Mbps speed.

If your speed appears to be slower than what you would expect or has noticeably slowed down, then I would suggest contacting your ISP and asking them if there is something that they can do to address the speed issue.  Sometimes if you are on a old plan or setup, then you can get a speed boost by them changing settings on their end.




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